sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2014

we are wearing DADA, DADA TEE &  pieces from Oldie Store 
ph: Edmundo Rivas [ Creative Director at DADA the brand ]

Hello y'all! I'm so happy for having the chance to post again here, gosh I missed it very much. I know there's a lot to catch up for sure. Well I'm back and this time I'm not alone, let me introduce you my friends: Kimiko ( blogger from maisonkimiko ) and Jess, flawless duo both owners at Oldie Store. Mónica, instagram queen and a very stylish girl. Last but not least Edmundo, creative director at DADA. All with one thing in common: love for fashion. 
We decided to make this shoot a couple of weeks ago. I have to say it was really cool having all the accessories and clothes from the entire Oldie Store and DADA to choose from and bring out our best looks to the camera. Between every shoot the feedback from everyone was good because we helped each other to assemble the pieces. A very fun day to remember, I hope you guys enjoy these pictures.

On the other hand, If you come often to my site you'll see that there's been small changes (I'm trying new layout ideas as well) . It used to be called 'trendy boys manifesto' but It sounds so long and hard for people to remember it. Most blogs I love and follow are just two words so I made it short, now it is just "trendy manifesto" because it's obviously written by a guy (a very crazy one who loves clothes) to my trendy boys out there, that I'm sure they're crazy too.


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light it up

martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

Im wearing: beanie - H&M / Blazer - Zara / Acid Washed jeans - Pull&Bear / Tiempo 94 sneakers by Nike / Neon Tee - thrifted.

ph: by Alfonso C. and Beto H.

They, they gonna see us from outer space, Light it up like we're the stars of the human race...

[ Listening right now Burn - Ellie Goulding ]

Hello guys!, I know I always show patterns and outstanding prints but this time I wanted to keep it a little bit simple because one of the goals of this blog is to have good content but most of all, very useful information.  So, this post is all about basics (at least mine, I hope you agree as well). Right now the weather is a little bit weird, its like summer in winter so I had to move up at a roof because suddenly it got cloudy and I was losing sunlight but I may say I'm glad I did it, I love how it looks. 
To be honest most of daytime I wear outfits like this, I love being practical and ready to go anywhere casual. I think sometimes it is very important for us to survive the day with the same outfit, no matter the weather or our daily occupations. First of all, color is primal. I like black, I think it is the rule to everything elegant and basic but I love gray as well. It camouflages,  It does not envy or  gets heavy, allows you to contrast without being loud. 

On the other hand, color isn't all without essential garments to make it work. I totally suggest you to invest in a blazer like this, it requires little care and people rarely notices you repeat it. Beanie, (the greatest invention) Im always with messy hair so its very helpful and cozy plus it gives you the touch. Washed skinny jeans, believe me their fit last longer than chinos or other kind of trousers (c'mon! sometimes we repeat jeans and the last thing you want is feeling like someone remembered, so get yours asap). Most important: footwear. I don't know about you guys, but I'm always running everywhere, it's like the day isn't long enough so I consider myself a kind of workaholic athlete (I basically live my life under self induced stress lol) and sneakers are obviously the best choice (and talking about basics, in nike I trust). Last but not least: something colourful. Neon can be an atemporal choice and you don't have to worry about your skin tone or if it's day or night, 100% sure it always works.  Hope this post can be purposeful for all of you,  feel free to suggest me basics (I'd love that) or email me if you want another similar topic to discuss here,  I'll be delighted.


¡Hola chicos!, siempre estoy acostumbrado a mostrarles patrones o estampados llamativos, pero por esta ocasión quise publicar algo más simple. Uno de los goles de este blog es tener buen contenido pero aun más, tener información útil. Este post se trata de básicos (al menos los míos, espero estén de acuerdo también). Ultimamente el clima esta un poco extraño, es como verano en invierno. El día se tornó nublado y termine encima de una azotea para aprovechar lo que quedaba de sol antes de que se ocultara. Que buena idea, ya que resulté muy satisfecho con las fotos.
Para ser honesto, casi siempre uso conjuntos como este durante el día. Me encanta ser practico y estar casual para cualquier lugar. Creo que aveces es muy importante para nosotros sobrevivir el día con un outfit que lo pueda todo, sin importar el clima o nuestras ocupaciones. Primero que nada, el color es primordial. Personalmente amo el negro, creo que es la regla a lo elegante y básico, pero el gris me encanta de igual forma. Lo mejor es que se camuflajea, no es envidioso o pesado, permite contrastarlo sin ser ruidoso. 

Por otra parte, el color no lo es todo sin las piezas esenciales para lograrlo. Totalmente sugiero invertir en un blazer como este, requiere el mínimo de cuidados y pocas veces la gente nota cuando lo repites. Beanie, (el mejor invento) Siempre estoy despeinado, es de mucha ayuda contar con uno ya que es cómodo y siempre logra dar el toque. Pantalones en tubo deslavados; créanme su ajuste dura mucho mas que unos chinos o unos jeans regulares (la realidad es que aveces repetimos los jeans y lo ultimo que queremos es sentir que alguien se acuerda de ellos, así que no pierdan la oportunidad tan pronto vean unos).
Muy importante: calzado. No sé ustedes pero en mi caso siempre estoy corriendo a todas partes, es como si el día no fuera suficientemente largo, suena tonto pero me considero un atleta de mi trabajo (vivo en estrés, casi siempre auto provocado jaja) y los tennis son siempre la mejor opción (hablando de básicos en nike confío). Por ultimo y no menos importante: un acento de color. El neón puede ser una elección atemporal sin tener que preocuparte por tu tono de piel o si es de día o noche, 100% seguro que siempre funciona. Espero estos tips sean útiles para ustedes, siéntanse libres de sugerirme básicos de igual forma (seria genial) o escribanme si quieren un post similar a este para discutir algo que sea de su interés, estaré encantado de hacerlo.

Love Y'all
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