sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2014

we are wearing DADA, DADA TEE &  pieces from Oldie Store 
ph: Edmundo Rivas [ Creative Director at DADA the brand ]

Hello y'all! I'm so happy for having the chance to post again here, gosh I missed it very much. I know there's a lot to catch up for sure. Well I'm back and this time I'm not alone, let me introduce you my friends: Kimiko ( blogger from maisonkimiko ) and Jess, flawless duo both owners at Oldie Store. Mónica, instagram queen and a very stylish girl. Last but not least Edmundo, creative director at DADA. All with one thing in common: love for fashion. 
We decided to make this shoot a couple of weeks ago. I have to say it was really cool having all the accessories and clothes from the entire Oldie Store and DADA to choose from and bring out our best looks to the camera. Between every shoot the feedback from everyone was good because we helped each other to assemble the pieces. A very fun day to remember, I hope you guys enjoy these pictures.

On the other hand, If you come often to my site you'll see that there's been small changes (I'm trying new layout ideas as well) . It used to be called 'trendy boys manifesto' but It sounds so long and hard for people to remember it. Most blogs I love and follow are just two words so I made it short, now it is just "trendy manifesto" because it's obviously written by a guy (a very crazy one who loves clothes) to my trendy boys out there, that I'm sure they're crazy too.


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  1. Acabo de conocer tu blog y me ha gustado bastante. Tienes mucho estilo.
    Te he seguido en GFC y en Bloglovin ¿me sigues?

    Saludos desde España

  2. Hola ¡Muy buen blog!
    Te invito a participar en el sorteo de East Dane que hay en mi blog.